indecents asked:

Hi, I went through basically your whole blog and I'm very interested in taking steps to eventually become a doula. I was wondering if you had any advice for where to begin? (Also, sorry if you've already answered this) My other question- do you ever deal with people not taking you seriously as a doula because you're childless?

I used to get the question often, “Do you have kids?”, and I always knew if they asked they weren’t going to hire me. But I haven’t been asked in a really long time, so I think it’s less important. Fortunately my area has a lot of different doulas with various backgrounds, so there’s a doula for everyone.

Regarding where to begin, check out a workshop (they can be pricey) from DONA, CAPPA, or toLABOR. Or just read a couple of books. I recommend The Doula Book and The Birth Partner to start.

I’m in the process of switching my certification over to CBI, but I honestly wouldn’t recommend starting this way since their trainings are online and I feel like experiential training is a plus.

Good luck!